Disclosure: the REPEREN Surgical Mesh is currently undergoing premarket review by FDA for the treatment of hernia.
Developing acrylic implants for hernia repair.
Hydrophobic acrylic as proper IPOM solution

Reperen® IPOM (Intraperitoneal on-lay mesh) is a composite endoprosthesis mesh designed for tension-free intraperitoneal repair of ventral hernias by open surgery or laparoscopy. It has two sides: an exceptionally smooth visceral side (anti-adhesive) and a parietal side (with interstice microstructure for fixation).

Improved anti-adhesiveness of the visceral side

One of the major problems that is still unresolved for IPOM meshes is anti-adhesive coverage for visceral side. We developed special ultra-smooth surface made from cross-linked acrylic polymer Reperen®. Reperen® already proved its anti-adhesive characteristics as Dural substitute, so the same technology was applied to create a proper IPOM mesh solution.

Mesh Design

Mesh for parietal side is designed to minimize shrinking. Non-shrinking acrylic is combined with polypropylene to make tissue integration more controlled. Reperen™ is the only material with such high level of cell growth control. The textured mesh side allows for controlled fixation points by permitting build up of fibroblasts according to the interstice layout of the surface.

Easy handling when
performing laparoscopy

Reperen IPOM fits all the requirements
of modern laparoscopy techniques:

• standard troacar sizes supported
• “visceral side” embedded indication
• fast self-unfolding


Visceral ultra-smooth anti-adhesive layer. Visceral side is
indicated in writing to ensure correct positioning in the
abdominal region.

Armored layer.

Parietal microstructure layer.

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