We’ve developed a broad variety of acrylic REPEREN® implants ranging
from Dura Mater patches to bone reconstruction solutions.

Dural Repair

IconLab provides multiple prosthetic solutions for dura mater repair designed using the proprietary REPEREN® material.


We introduce the bone reconstruction solution based on Reperen®. The implant is modified during surgery @ 80ºC and molded to the shape required for the procedure. It ensures fast and uniform regeneration process and is non-metallic, allowing the patient to pass MRI and metal detectors.


Artificial epineurium is developed for surgical treatment of nerve stem injuries, when there is a necessity for creating an inter-tissue barrier in case of previous traumatic accesses to nerve stems that resulted in injured epineurium. The nerve stem is enveloped in this Reperen® membrane: its smooth side adheres to the injured nerve stem with the exposed epineurium, whereas the textured side is fixed to the surrounding tissue.

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Dura Mater