Hernia Repair

Our primary focus in implantology
lies in acrylic hernia repair solutions, which
include ventral hernia repair, inguinal as well
as IPOM technique.

IPOM Repair

Reperen® IPOM (Intraperitoneal on-lay mesh) is a three-layer endoprosthesis designed for tension-free intraperitoneal repair of ventral hernias by open surgery or laparoscopy. It has two sides: an exceptionally smooth visceral side (anti-adhesive) and a parietal side (with a microstructure for fixation). Implant thickness — 400 µm.

Inguinal Hernia Repair

Reperen® for inguinal hernia repair is a mesh membrane in the form of a truncated oval with a slit and an opening for the spermatic cord. Reinforced option includes an internal polyamide layer. The membrane covers the posterior wall of the inguinal canal and has an ideal shape memory that prevents shrinking. The slit must be stitched with interrupted sutures.

Ventral Hernia Repair

A solution for Ventral and Incisional hernia repair. The membrane is perforated with periodically aligned open interstices designed for controlled tissue growth.

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